We accept transfer credit from several sources. Determine which types of transfer credit apply to you and learn how to start the transfer credit process.


  1. Northeastern University: previously earned credit from Northeastern University.
  2. Accredited Institutions: previously earned credit from regionally and programmatically accredited institutions. 
  3. College Level Proficiency Examinations: exam scores treated as transfer credit. Scores do not affect a student's grade point average and there is no fee for transferring College Level Proficiency Examination credits. 
  4. Assessment of Prior Learning (APL): a formal APL portfolio review of a student's work and life experience for conversion into academic credit.
  5. Military: as an active duty military or veteran, you can enroll in any of our degree programs or certificate programs. As a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), we are committed to serving you and will work to accept any previous credits you’ve earned.

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