Crisis Mapping for Humanitarian Action

GIS 6394 3 Quarter Hours
Course Level Graduate
Description Theories and methods drawn from political science and GIS are used to introduce students to key trends and challenges faced in the humanitarian field today. Training modules are designed to familiarize students with (1) commercial satellite imagery analysis applied in a conflict setting; (2) digital crowd-sourced methods to map real-time SMS and social media-based geographic information; and (3) mobile data collection survey tools to generate population, health, and event-based information. The objective is to learn how to perform crisis mapping in the real world and reflect on ethical, political, and practical challenges that come from working in this field. This is an interdisciplinary endeavor involving GIS, collective action and information theory, human rights, development issues, conflict theory, urbanization, and climate change.

Course Sections

Section 01
CRN 20862
Session Winter 2017, Full-Term Session
Class Meeting Dates 01/09/2017 to 04/01/2017
Instructor Justin Barclay
Campus Online Campus
Course Format Online
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