Managing Organizational Culture

LDR 6125 3 Quarter Hours
Course Level Graduate
Description Uses case studies to analyze organizations to define various organizational cultures and to determine ways to most effectively manage in that environment. Management vision and values, history, size, physical characteristics, and industry all contribute to the creation of an organization's culture. The structures and processes created within each culture influence the behavior of individuals working within it. While leaders in one culture may thrive, others barely survive. Discusses what behavior the organizational culture is affecting; the impact the organization's culture has on its strategy; how one can influence the culture of the organization; and how the culture survives in an era of mergers and acquisitions. Prereq. LDR 6100.

Course Sections

Section 02
CRN 90331
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Session Summer 2015, Six-Week Session
Class Meeting Dates 07/06/2015 to 08/15/2015
Instructor Ms. Sheila Gilbert
Campus Online Campus
Course Format Online
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    Jul 6, 2015 (8-, 6-, and 4-week classes)
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