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Real-World Learning

If landing a job or changing careers are your reasons for getting a degree, then you need an education that makes you employable. One way to boost your employability—while still studying—is to do an internship, co-op, or some other form of experiential learning. Employers want to know that you can handle yourself professionally, that you can take on what’s asked of you, and most of all—that you can hit the ground running.

Maybe you have some experience in a field, but you’re looking to re-enter the workforce in a better-paying position at a bigger company. Internships and co-ops can help you connect with a target organization, allowing you to put your name and face in front of the right people and prove you have what it takes to work there. Perhaps you’d like a preview of what it’s like to work in a particular field, before you commit to it or just want to start applying the theories you’re learning in class to your real-world job. We have a variety of experiential learning possibilities.

Whatever your reasons, our experiential learning options can give you the edge. Start by reading our general information sheet and then our Student Action Steps. Find out more about deadlines for starting internships and co-ops for 2016-17.

You are eligible for the co-op program if you are taking courses online. We work with students who are unable to travel to the Boston, Seattle, or Charlotte regions in the following ways:

  • Registration in the online section of COP5001: Preparing for Experiential Learning
  • Skype or phone consult with a co-op advisor who will review your resumé and cover letter, discuss your specific skills, goals, interests, discuss various internship and co-op search techniques, and assist with referrals to co-ops and internships when possible.

Check for your program below to see who your Experiential Learning Advisor is.

Master of Arts Degrees    
Homeland Security Katie Webber
Master of Science Degrees Designated Specialist Email
Applied Nutrition Katie Webber 
Commerce and Economic Development Katie Webber 
Corporate and Organizational Communication Justin Wright
Criminal Justice Katie Webber 
Human Services Katie Webber
Global Studies and International Affairs Katie Webber
Leadership Justin Wright
Nonprofit Management Katie Webber
Project Management Katie Webber
Regulatory Affairs for Drugs,
Biologics, and Medical Devices
Justin Wright
Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries Justin Wright
Respiratory Care Leadership  Katie Webber 
Sports Leadership Justin Wright
Technical Communication Katie Webber 
Master of Professional Studies Degrees Designated Specialist Email
Digital Media Justin Wright
Geographic Information Technology Katie Webber 
Informatics Justin Wright