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Real-World Learning

You are eligible for the co-op program if you are taking courses online. We work with students who are unable to travel to the Boston, Seattle, or Charlotte regions in the following ways:

  • Registration in the online section of Preparing for Experiential Learning;  COP 5001 (graduate course) and COP 4500 (undergraduate course)
    • This course will build upon resume, cover letter, interview, job prep, and get you access to the coop and internship database, NEXUS.
  • Skype or phone consult with your Experiential Learning Advisor after you have met with your Academic Advisor/Career Coach in regards to your goals around Co-op, internship, and XN projects.
  • Your Academic/Career coach can help you map out your academic and career plan and how to start getting on the path for experiential learning.
  • You want to meet with your Experiential Learning Advisor after you have a plan, know you’re eligible, and are prepared.
  • Experiential Learning Advisors directly refer you to co-op and internships on the database, NEXUS.

Major Designated Specialist  E-mail 
Commerce and Economic Development Katie Webber
Corporate and Organizational Communication  Justin Wright 
Global Studies and International Affairs Katie Webber 
Leadership Justin Wright
Nonprofit Management Katie Webber
Project Management Katie Webber
Regulatory Affairs for Drugs,
Biologics, and Medical Devices
Justin Wright
Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries Justin Wright

The above majors are the largest caseloads, but we are eager to help any and all students interested in experiential learning. If you do not see your major listed above, email BOTH Justin and Katie on the same email to discuss your inquiry and someone will reach back out to you within 24 business hours.