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We have suspended new enrollments to our Associate in Science degree programs, with the last intake taking place in spring 2013.

Interpret the Bottom Line

Used to assess the financial health of a company and to inform critical decisions, accounting is an important and crucial business function. Encompassing all industries and sectors, the field of accounting is a versatile, dynamic, and continuing to grow.

Including courses in economics, financial accounting, cost analysis, financial reporting, and business law, the Associate of Science in Accounting degree exposes you to the field’s fundamentals. In addition to serving as a strong foundation for pursuing a bachelor’s degree, this associate degree program is designed to provide you with the skills and techniques you need to become a bookkeeper, accounts clerk, or auditing clerk.

Core Curriculum

College of Professional Studies and Lowell Institute School students who complete an associate degree will fulfill many of the same core curriculum requirements of all CPS and LIS bachelor?s degree programs. Core courses allow students to gain insights into disciplines other than their field of study and develop expertise in written and oral communication and critical thinking. The associate degree core requirements include the following:  

Written Communication (9 q.h.)

Complete the following three courses:

ENG 1004 College English 1 3 q.h.
ENG 1005 College English 2 3 q.h.
ENG 3006 College English Workshop 3 q.h.

Diversity (3 q.h.)

Complete one of the following courses:

CMN 2002 Intercultural Communication 3 q.h.
HST 2205 Coming to America: The American Immigrant Experience 3 q.h.
MGT 1503 Managing in a Diverse and Changing World* 3 q.h.
SOC 1110 Diversity 3 q.h.
SOC 1635 Race and Ethnicity 3 q.h.

Information Literacy (3 q.h.)

ITC Information Technology Elective 3 q.h.
Suggested courses:


ITC 1001 Introduction to PC Productivity Tools 3 q.h.
ITC 1002 Technology and Information Fluency 3 q.h.
ITC 1255 Human-Computer Interaction 3 q.h.

Mathematics (6 q.h.)

Complete a minimum of six quarter hours from the following courses:

MTH 1001 College Algebra 1 3 q.h.
MTH 2002 College Algebra 2 3 q.h.
MTH 2512 Finite Mathematics 3 q.h.
ECN 2001 Statistics 1 3 q.h.
ECN 2002 Statistics 2 3 q.h.

Total Core Curriculum: 21 q.h.

*Lowell Institute School degree requirements vary.
See curriculum pages for more information.


Associate Degree Core (21 q.h.)

We require all associate degree students to complete required core curriculum, allowing you to gain insight into disciplines other than your field of study.

Foundation Courses (14 q.h.)

Choose one of the following courses:

PSY 1010
Introduction to Psychology: Fundamental Issues 3 q.h.
SOC 1001
Sociology 1 3 q.h.

Choose one of the following courses:

ITC 1230
PC Database Software (formerly Advanced PC Software) 3 q.h.
ITC 2210
Programming Logic 3 q.h.

Complete all of the following courses:

ECN 1001
Principles of Macroeconomics 4 q.h.
ECN 1002
Principles of Microeconomics 4 q.h.

Major Courses (42 q.h.)

Complete all of the following courses:

ACC 1001
Financial Accounting 1 3 q.h.
ACC 2202
Financial Accounting 2 3 q.h.
ACC 1403 Managerial Accounting 3 q.h.
ACC 2001 Financial Reporting and Analysis 1 3 q.h.
ACC 2002 Financial Reporting and Analysis 2 3 q.h.
ACC 2403
Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 3 q.h.
ACC 2101
Strategic Cost Analysis 1 3 q.h.
ACC 2102
Strategic Cost Analysis 2 3 q.h.
BLW 1001
Business Law 1 3 q.h.
FIN 2801
Principles of Finance 3 q.h.
HRM 2101
Organizational Behavior 3 q.h.
MGT 1001
Dynamics of Business 1 3 q.h.
MGT 1002
Dynamics of Business 2 3 q.h.
OPM 1130
Basics of Supply Chain Management 3 q.h.

Open Electives (10 q.h.)

Total Quarter Hours: 87


Tuition for individual courses is based on the number of quarter hours. Most courses are 3-6 quarter hours. See Graduate Tuition Rates for details.

Use our Tuition Calculator below to see if transfer credit or tuition reimbursement from your employer could reduce your total tuition.

Tuition Calculator

Please note: The estimated total tuition is based on tuition rates for Academic Year 2017-18 and does not include any fees or other expenses. Some courses and labs have tuition rates that may increase or decrease total tuition. Tuition and fees are subject to revision by the president and Board of Trustees at any time.

*A maximum of 9 quarter hours of graduate- or doctoral-level credit obtained at another institution may be awarded as Advanced Graduate Credit to the Doctor of Education program.

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