Associate of Engineering in Computer Engineering Technology


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Understand how Engineering and Science Drive Computer Design

If you enjoy science and math and are interested in automation, computers, and technology, then you may wish to pursue an Associate of Engineering in Computer Engineering Technology degree. Designed to provide you with the fundamental skills required for an entry-level position in computer engineering or software development, this program also serves as a solid foundation for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Program and Student Learning Objectives

Core and foundation courses allow students the opportunity to think critically and gain insights into disciplines other than their field of study. Students develop expertise in written and oral communication with diverse individuals and organizations. Requirements include using traditional and emerging technologies to accomplish tasks effectively and using appropriate mathematical and physics techniques and concepts to obtain solutions to problems.

With an Associate of Engineering in Computer Engineering Technology graduates can learn how to:

  • Design and conduct tests on prototypes or develop systems and effectively communicate results
  • Configure, install and properly use basic electronic hardware and operating system/application software in conventional use with existing computer systems
  • Demonstrate proficiency with current forms of application software and operating systems that are in use in the industry of choice

The Associate in Engineering in Computer Engineering Technology is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.

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Required Courses (45 q.h.)

Written Communication (4 q.h.)
Complete all of the following courses:

ENG 1004 College English 1 3 q.h.
ENG 1014 Writing Lab for ENG 1004  1 q.h. 

Technical Literacy (12 q.h.)
Complete all of the following courses:

ETC 1015 Introduction to Computer Organization 3 q.h.
ETC 1017 Introduction to Computer Hardware 3 q.h.
ETG 2010 Applications for Data Analysis 3 q.h.
ITC 1001
Introduction to PC Productivity Tools 3 q.h. 

Mathematics (9 q.h.)
Complete all of the following courses:

MTH 1001 College Algebra 1 3 q.h.
MTH 2002 College Algebra 2 3 q.h.
MTH 2101 Precalculus 3 q.h.

Social Science Diversity Electives (2 q.h.)
Complete one course with any of the following prefixes:


Ethical and Political Perspectives (3 q.h.)
Complete one of the following courses:

LDR 3230 Ethical Decision Making 3 q.h.
PHL 1001 Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics 3 q.h.
PHL 2160 Bioethics 3 q.h.
PHL 2180 Business Ethics 3 q.h.

Science Courses (15 q.h.)
Complete all of the following courses:

PHY 2301 Physics 1 4 q.h.
PHY 2302 Lab for Physics 1 1 q.h.
PHY 2501 Physics 2 4 q.h.
PHY 2502 Lab for Physics 2 1 q.h.
PHY 3101 Physics 3 4 q.h.
PHY 3102 Lab for Physics 3 1 q.h.

Major Courses (51 q.h.)

Complete all of the following course:


ETC 1101 Introduction to C++ Programming 3 q.h.
ETC 1103 C++ Application Development 3 q.h.
ETC 3251 Software Engineering 3 q.h.
ETC 3463 Operating Systems 3 q.h.
ETC 3271 Introduction to Databases 3 q.h.
ETE 1101 Introduction to DC Networks 3 q.h.
ETE 1103 DC Network Analysis 3 q.h.
ETE 2101 Introduction to AC Networks 3 q.h.
ETE 2103 AC Network Analysis 3 q.h.
ETE 2331
Introduction to Digital Systems 3 q.h.
ETE 2333  Applied Digital Systems 3 q.h.
ETG 1001
 Engineering Graphics 1 3 q.h.
ETG 2021
 Engineering Graphics 2 3 q.h.
ETM 1101  Introduction to Systems in Static Equilibrium 3 q.h.
ETM 1103  Application of Static Equilibrium 3 q.h.
ETM 2101  Introduction to Linear Dynamics 3 q.h.
ETM 2103  Introduction to Rotational Dynamics 3 q.h.

Total Quarter Hours: 96

The Computer Engineering Technology degree program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc., 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012; telephone 410.347.7700 .


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Tuition for individual courses is based on the number of semester hours. Most courses are 3-4 semester hours. See Undergraduate Tuition Rates for details.

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*A maximum of 9 quarter hours of graduate- or doctoral-level credit obtained at another institution may be awarded as Advanced Graduate Credit to the Doctor of Education program.

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