Associate of Science in Paramedic Technology


We have suspended new enrollments to the Associate in Paramedic Technology program and are no longer accepting applications for admission.

If you are a student currently enrolled in the program, our staff will work with you to complete all program coursework by April 2014. If you have questions please contact Neff Casaburri at 617.373.4290 or


Advance Your Paramedic Career

If you have earned (or are in the process of earning) your paramedic technology certificate and wish to advance your career, the Associate of Science in Paramedic Technology degree program may be a great fit for you. Widely considered to be one of the country’s best schools for EMS education, Northeastern University’s Institute for Emergency Medical Services offers an intensive program that includes the liberal arts and computer courses you need to receive your associate’s degree. The result is a well-rounded learning experience that prepares you to pursue your bachelor’s degree in a related field.

A key benefit of this program is the ability to receive college credits for your lab and field work—enabling you to transfer more credits into one of Northeastern’s bachelor’s degree programs. As a result, you may complete your bachelor’s degree in less time (and at a lower cost).

By attending this program, you will also benefit from a comprehensive university-style learning experience that goes far beyond traditional training. In addition to the comprehensive curriculum and proven learning format, you will join the ranks of the 45,000 emergency medical professionals who have been educated at Northeastern’s Institute for Emergency Medical Services. Since 1972, the Institute has developed and delivered effective, practice-oriented EMS educational programs that prepare students for successful EMS careers.


Prerequisite (57 q.h.)

Completion of the 57-quarter-hour Paramedic Certificate or its equivalent.

Required Courses (21 q.h.)

Written Communication (9 q.h.)

Complete all of the following courses:

ENG 1004 College English 1 3 q.h.
ENG 1005 College English 2 3 q.h.
ENG 3006 College English Workshop 3 q.h.

Diversity (3 q.h.)
Complete one of the following courses:

CMN 2002 Intercultural Communication 3 q.h.
HST 2205 Coming to America: The American Immigrant Experience 3 q.h.
POL 2230 Civil Liberties 3 q.h.
SOC 1110 Diversity 3 q.h.
SOC 1635 Race and Ethnicity 3 q.h.
SOC 2440 Gender and Work Roles in Society 3 q.h.
MGT 1503 Managing in a Diverse and Changing World 3 q.h.

Information Literacy (3 q.h.)
Complete one of the following courses:

ITC 1001  Introduction to PC Productivity Tools 3 q.h.
ITC 1002 Technology and Information Fluency 3 q.h.
ITC 1120 Website Design 3 q.h.
ITC 1235
Internet Essentials 3 q.h.
ITC 1255 Human-Computer Interaction 3 q.h.

Mathematics (6 q.h.)
Complete a minimum of 6 quarter hours from the following courses:

MTH 1001 College Algebra 1 3 q.h.
MTH 2002 College Algebra 2  3 q.h.
MTH 2512 Finite Mathematics 3 q.h.
MTH 2101 Precalculus 3 q.h.
MTH 3005 Calculus 1 3 q.h.
MTH 3010 Calculus 2 3 q.h.
MTH 3015 Calculus 3 3 q.h.
ECN 2001 Statistics 1 3 q.h.
ECN 2002 Statistics 2 3 q.h.

Foundation Courses (9 q.h.)

Complete all of the following courses:

CMN 1101 Fundamentals of Human Communication 3 q.h.
HST 1003 The Civilization of the Modern World 3 q.h.
PSY 1010 Introduction to Psychology: Fundamental Issues 3 q.h.


Total Quarter Hours: 87

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