Lowell Institute School

The Lowell Institute School offers a wide array of undergraduate programs in engineering technology, geographic information systems, and technology. Our programs were developed in conjunction with the College of Engineering and the College of Computer and Information Science.


The Lowell Institute School was founded in 1903 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was originally named the
School for Industrial Foremen. The School provided continuing education to industrial foremen to enhance their professional skills.

Over time, the school's curriculum expanded, offering two-year programs in mechanical and electrical engineering. In the 1960s courses were also offered in structural and civil engineering, computer technology, high-speed strobe photography, machine tool fundamentals, scientific glass blowing, house building, technical writing, and microprocessor systems.   

In the fall of 1996, the school was transferred to Northeastern University, becoming a division of the University's School of Engineering.  In 2009, the school was moved to the College of Professional Studies (CPS) where it is more closely aligned with the College’s mission of serving the needs of working men and women. The Institute currently offers three bachelor's-level engineering technology degrees: mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering technology. All of these undergraduate engineering technology degree programs are accredited by ABET, Inc.

Undergraduate degree programs offered:

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology in Computer Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering Technology