Global Student Success

Global Student Success is committed to fostering the acculturation of international students to the Northeastern community, and promoting internationalization across the institution. We support international students through cross-cultural, linguistic, and academic support services. We also partner with faculty, staff, and administrators to integrate global dimensions and cross-cultural understanding into the Northeastern experience.


{Please click here for a PDF version of the GSS resources flyer.}

International Tutoring Center
Please click here to learn how to make an appointment at ITC.

  • ESL Tutoring  – Tutors provide high-quality ESL writing instruction and tutoring for international students who need assistance with papers, assignments, TOEFL writing, and research projects. Students can meet one-on-one with an ESL tutor for 50-minute appointments. Click here for the flyer.
  • TOEFL Preparation Workshops  – This workshop series will address ways to improve the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL iBT exam. The workshops also provide students with test-taking strategies and teach general skills to strengthen students’ English language proficiency. Click here for the flyer.
  • Language and Culture Workshops  – The language workshops are for international students looking to improve their reading, writing, and listening skills. The culture workshops help international students understand American culture better and operate more successfully as university students in the U.S. Click here for the flyer.

Volunteer Team Leader (VTL) Program  – Students provide community service while strengthening their leadership skills, building résumé experience, and improving their English skills.To date, the VTL program supports 35 organizations and has over 2,000 hours of volunteered service. Click here for the flyer.

Listening & Speaking Classes – These classes provide listening and speaking practice for students to improve their pronunciation, listening, and speaking skills.  Each class (general practice and business case) meets two times a week during the CPS quarter.  Students must register; classes do not carry academic credit. Click here for the flyer.

Faculty and Staff Development Workshops – Global Student Success is constantly exploring ways to internationalize Northeastern’s campus through innovative services and collaborations.  The GSS workshop series focuses on ways to better serve our international student populations. Please reach out to us at with any questions or to discuss working individually with your team. Click here for the flyer. View the archived sessions here.

Workshops & Webinars:

    • Promote internationalization at our institution
    • Pull from current research on intercultural competency
    • Offer concrete professional development opportunities for faculty and staff

Prearrival Guide – This guide provides helpful information for newly admitted international students in the College of Professional Studies. The information covered ranges from preparations before arrival to resources available on campus for international students. Click here for the link.

Advising – Student Support Specialists (SSS) work with international students in the American Classroom, Global Pathways, and Global Classroom programs, providing academic and extracurricular support. To schedule an appointment, please click on this link and log in using your myNEU username and password.


Global Student Success
Northeastern University
NU Global, College of Professional Studies
360 Huntington Avenue, 10 Belvidere
Boston, MA 02115

Staff Members
David Fields, Director Jeremy Rischall, Student Support Specialist
Annie Hsu, Assistant Director Jay Ryan, Student Support Specialist
Jessica Dilliner, Student Support Specialist Marsha White, Student Support Specialist
Christina Lambert, Student Support Specialist Debra Zhang, Student Support Coordinator