Graduate School of Education Programs

The Graduate School of Education brings to bear more than a decade of experiential learning expertise in its programs, attracting students who have a vision for change and who want to drive improvement in education.

The Graduate School of Education curriculum meets the changing needs in the field of education, its specializations address current needs such as learning analytics and instructional design, e-learning and ESL.

At the Graduate School of Education, across all programs, students are challenged to identify a problem they want to address in order to enact change. This real-world application of learning allows students to engage in real life transformation and change in their places of practice.

Master’s students complete an ePortfolio that can help them define and enhance their personal brand in a competitive job market. EdD students explore innovative and cutting-edge topics in their theses and implement change while in the program. All our graduates are ultimately involved in creating a stronger, more accessible and effective educational system, with improved outcomes for students everywhere.