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Frequently Asked Questions

If you attempt to register for a class that is full, you may be given the option to sign up for the waitlist if the class in question uses one. If a seat becomes available in the class and you are the first person on the waitlist, an email will be sent to your HuskyMail account. At this point you must register yourself for the class online via myNortheastern within 24 hours. Waitlist notifications will only be sent to your HuskyMail account. Students must meet all of the course prerequisites and requirements in order to sign up for a waitlist. To be mindful of your peers, please limit your waitlist registrations to a maximum of two courses.

What is a waitlist?
A waitlist is a list you can join when a class is full in order to be given first right of refusal to register for a class if a seat becomes open.  

Why should I use the waitlist?
The waitlist gives you an opportunity to register for a class if a seat becomes available without having to constantly check the enrollment in the class. It is sort of like saving your spot in line in case a seat becomes available.

How can I tell if there is a waitlist option for a course I want?  

  • Log into your myNortheastern account, and click the “Self-Service” tab
  • Under the Registrar menu, click “Course Registration”
  • Click “Look Up Classes” and select the appropriate academic term (e.g. Spring 2015 quarter)
  • Use the search function to find the class(es) you are looking for
  • Click the title of the class, and you will see a screen like this:
  • Waitlist Capacity : Maximum number of students that can be on the waitlist. If this is greater than zero, the class in question has a waitlist.
  • Waitlist Actual: Number of students currently on the waitlist for this class.
  • Waitlist Remaining: Number of open spots on the waitlist for this class.

How can I join the waitlist?
Putting yourself on the waitlist is easy. Once you get the “Closed-Waitlisted” option (see picture below), under the tab “action”, you should choose “add” (instead of “none”) and click “submit changes”. Once you successfully put yourself on the waitlist, you should be able to see the class in your “Current Schedule” but the number of QH (credits) will be 0.00.

Is there a maximum number of people who can be on the waitlist?
The maximum number of students who can be on a waitlist varies by class. You can see the Waitlist Capacity the same way you can view whether or not a class has a waitlist option (see above).

What happens if I do not claim my seat within 24 hours?
Your seat will go to the student who is in the next position on the waitlist, and you will be dropped from the list. If there are no other students on the waitlist, it will be opened up for any student to register. It is strongly recommended that you regularly check your Husky Mail, especially if you are on the waitlist for a course. 

If I miss my window to claim my seat, can I rejoin the waitlist?
Yes, however in order to be fair to other students, you will not be placed at the top of the list. You will be placed in the last available position just as if you had not been on the waitlist previously.

Do all classes have waitlists?
No. Some programs might not use waitlists at all, whereas others might only use them on select classes. For example, Graduate Education classes do not use the waitlist. This is a decision made by the academic program and is based on a number of different factors. 

May I be on the waitlist for more than one section of the same course?
Yes, however you cannot be registered for more than one section of a particular course. If you are notified that a seat has become available, you will need to drop your current section in order to register for the other section.

May I be on the waitlist for more than one course?
Yes, however you may only register for one section of a given course.

Is there a point at which I can no longer join a waitlist?
The availability of waitlists depends on the length of the class in question:

Class Length

Last Day to Join Waitlist

Six Weeks or Less

Wednesday of First Week of Classes

Greater Than Six Weeks

Wednesday of Second Week of Classes


Do I need to have completed the prerequisite(s) for a class in order to join the waitlist?
Yes, you must have either completed or be currently enrolled in the prerequisite (if concurrent enrollment is allowed) for any course in order to join the waitlist. 

I am trying to claim my seat within the 24 hour window but cannot do so.  What’s wrong?
It is possible that you have a registration hold on your account.  You can check this by logging into Banner with your myNortheastern credentials.  Click on “Registration,” then click on “View Holds.”  All holds must be removed in order for you to join a waitlist.  If you do not have a registration hold and continue to experience issues, please contact your Career and Academic Coach.

What are the chances that I will get a seat in a course if I’m on the waitlist?
As we are unable to say how likely it is that a student will drop a class, we are unable to answer this question with any certainty.  However, we can say that your chances of getting a seat if one becomes available are much better if you are on the waitlist than if you are not.

Can I be notified of an available seat at my personal email?
Waitlist notifications are only sent to your HuskyMail addresses.  However, you do have the option of forwarding your HuskyMail to a secondary email account:

  1. Log into your HuskyMail account through myNortheastern
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner
  3. Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  4. Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to
  5. Enter e-mail address to receive forwarded HuskyMail
  6. Select action messages should take after being forwarded 

Once I join a waitlist for a class, can I see my position on it as well as how many other students are also on the list?
Yes, you will be able to see where you are on the waitlist as well as the total number of students that are on the list and hoping to add the course. 

If I add myself to a waitlist, but later decide that I no longer wish to be waitlisted for a particular course, how do I remove myself from the list?
You can remove yourself from the waitlist the same way you would drop a class through your myNortheastern account. You will see the class that you are waitlisted for in the “Add or Drop Classes” section.

What do I do if I add myself to a waitlist but no space opens for me in the course?
It is always best to have alternative courses or sections of a course in mind in case your first choice is closed. You can search for courses here, or contact your Career and Academic Coach for assistance with choosing another course. Be sure to give yourself enough time both before and at the beginning of a term to accomplish this and have your alternate plan in mind so that you do not have to register late for a course and potentially be behind in work.

If I am on the waitlist for an on-campus course, should I attend the first class meeting? If I am on the waitlist for an online course, will I be able to log in to Blackboard and view assignments?
If you are waitlisted for a course on campus, you are free to attend the first class meeting so that you can familiarize yourself with the requirements, instructor, etc. Note, though, that attendance does not impact your position on the waitlist and instructors will not be able to assist with registration into the course. For online courses, you will not be able to access Blackboard until you are fully registered in the course. You are free, however, to review the syllabus if posted on the course description page. You can search for this information here.

Can I be added to the waitlist or get into a closed course with permission from the instructor?
The only way to be added to a waitlist is through the online registration system within myNortheastern. Instructors cannot add you to a waitlist. Similarly, instructors cannot add you to a closed course, regardless of whether or not there is a waitlist for it. If you hope to register for a closed course that has no waitlist, then you may wish to check the myNortheastern registration system regularly, as students do tend to add and drop courses as the start of the term approaches. If a space opens, then you will be able to add the course normally.