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Your Career Coach is ready to help you achieve your goals and graduate workforce-ready. They will share their expertise, allowing you leverage academic and professional networks, experiential learning, and relevant coursework to give you a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing global workforce. Working together, from your first term onward, you and your Coach will create a personalized academic framework and ongoing career action plan.

Visit us during drop-in hours in Boston 2-4pm EST in 50 Nightingale.


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5 Benefits of Working with a Career Coach

1. A Personalized Career Action Plan

Your coach will design a holistic plan that guides you effectively through your degree program and prepares you for success beyond graduation. This includes connections to hands-on experiential learning and opportunities in your field of study to complement in-class coursework.

2. A Well-Mapped Academic Plan

You'll receive advising and assistance on general learning strategies and how to set goals, prioritize work, and effectively engage with university resources—including faculty, curriculum, peers, international student services, writing and technical support, and more.

3. Job Search Support

Your coach will assist you in understanding fundamental career and job search processes and crafting your social media presence.

4. Recommendations for Global Experiential Opportunities

Navigating the many programs CPS offers can be daunting. Your coach is an invaluable guide for accessing and choosing the best experiential projects and co-op opportunities.

5. Connections within the College of Professional Studies Network

There is a robust network of individuals across the university, in a wide range of expert roles, to help you achieve success in your field of study. Your coach will help you access this support before, during, and after your time in the program.

Leverage This Powerful Advantage

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