Dissecting Financial Statements

ACC 6220 4 Quarter Hours
Course Level CPS - Graduate
Description Offers students an opportunity to learn how to review, detect, and investigate possible financial statement concerns of publicly and privately held businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations and family businesses. Financial records of the companies studied span a variety of industries. Topics include legal elements of financial statement fraud, management’s and auditor’s responsibilities, improper revenue/sales recognition, inadequate disclosure of related-party transactions, improper asset valuation, improper deferral of costs and expenses, financial statement red flags, and inadequacies in management’s discussion and analysis. Addresses such factors as off-balance-sheet activity, liquidity, financial performance indicators, unreported intangibles, and lease auditing. Typical cases could include WorldCom, Enron, Rite Aid, Crazy Eddie, and ESM Government Securities.


Students should refer to the CPS Prerequisite Table for course prerequisite and corequisite information.


Course Sections

Section 01
CRN 20581
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Session Winter 2018 CPS Quarter - Full Term
Class Meeting Dates 01/08/2018 to 03/31/2018
Instructor George Gray
Campus Online Campus
Course Format Online
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Next Term Starts
  • Winter Graduate
    Jan 8, 2018 (6- and 12-week classes)
    Feb 19, 2018 (6-week classes)

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