Correctional Rehabilitation

CJS 6145 3 Quarter Hours
Course Level CPS - Graduate
Description Examines theories, techniques, and policies of correctional treatment from applied, planning, and evaluation perspectives. Focuses on the classification of offenders, how criminological theory informs rehabilitation programming, and the principles of effective correctional intervention. A primary purpose of this course is to inform students using the existing research on what “works” and “doesn’t work” in the treatment of offenders.


Students should refer to the CPS Prerequisite Table for course prerequisite and corequisite information.


Course Sections

There are no current sections scheduled for this course. Undergraduate course numbers changed beginning with the Fall 2016 term. Please make sure you are using the current course number.
Next Term Starts
  • Winter Graduate
    Jan 8, 2018 (6- and 12-week classes)
    Feb 19, 2018 (6-week classes)

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