Experiential Learning at Work

The hallmark of a Northeastern education, now as an opportunity for working graduate students.

Leveraging the 100-year history of co-operative education at Northeastern University, the Experiential Learning at Work Program will now allow working graduate students the opportunity to complete a customized co-op experience.

Demonstrate your expertise by participating in this integrated experiential learning program that brings value to your employer—and adds to your own resumé.

In this graduate-level experience, you will have the opportunity to immediately apply thought-provoking lessons from your master's program, develop and refine your "must-have" knowledge, and position yourself as a leader within your current place of employment.

It's a chance to build your reputation for leadership and innovation, serve your career aspirations, and master critical business skills like research, negotiation, and leadership—on an accelerated timeline.

How It Works: 

Students learned and delivered on:

  • A volunteer training program to expand services of a non-profit to their client base
  • An annual fundraising training program at a college
  • A quality control improvement program for a global science company
  • A process improvement project to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs
  • A change management project designed to align divisional structures to a team-based, customer focused orientation

Through this program, you'll develop a customized project plan with your employer that will address a key business need in a department where you'd like to gain more experience.

Hear from an instructor and past program students about why this program is right for you.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Northeastern graduate-level co-op experience with hands-on work 
  • Demonstration of knowledge and value to your current employer
  • Immediate and relevant application of your academic work to the workplace
  • Measurable and quantifiable experience for your resumé
  • Integrated within your master's degree program

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