Students gain invaluable experience by participating in six-week, virtual projects that impact critical business decisions. These projects not only benefit learners but bolster Northeastern’s position as the global leader in experiential learning for all students. 

How XN Works

The Experiential Network helps graduate and professional learners integrate and apply their learning and development in a real-world professional setting.


Through Experiential Network (XN) projects students can apply their classroom learning to a real-world environment, gain valuable experience, enhance their resumé, and build their professional networks.


Everything you need to know about Experiential Network (XN) Projects.

Projects Portfolio

Samples of projects successfully completed through the Experiential Network (XN) project program, and feedback from sponsors and students.

Employer & Sponsor Partners

Information on Experiential Learning for Employers and Sponsors.

XN Benefits

Learn how Experiential Network (XN) projects benefit both students and sponsors.